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Creates a Java GenotypePhenotype object which is used for TasselGenotypePhenotype object construction. The Java GenotypePhenotype object is created via an intersect method from TASSEL.


readGenotypePhenotype(genoPathOrObj, phenoPathDFOrObj, ...)



a path to a genotype file (e.g. VCF, hmp, etc.) or TASSEL Genotype Obj


a path, a data frame of phenotypic data, or TASSEL Phenotype Obj


Additional parameters to be sent to the function. Currently, if an R data frame object is passed, additional parameters will also need to be entered for this process. These parameters are derived from the readPhenotypeFromDataFrame function. Mainly, taxaID is required. If you would like to specify depth retention and position sorting in Genotype Tables from a path, indicate them here. See readGenotypeTableFromPath() for more detail.


Returns an object of TasselGenotypePhenotype class.